Catholic Vitamin G Gazing

Our guest (KRISTYN BROWN) and her awesome fine art photography invites GAZING and meditating upon the holy ones of God… ¬†Have you yet discovered The Saints Project? It’s a modern photographic portrayal of Catholic Saints. And we were gifted with an introduction to Kristyn, an introduction to her childhood, and how she began to translate a ‘childish’ enjoyment of snapping pictures into a holy, uplifting beauty unique unto itself.

Gaze upon a life-like depiction of Jesus and His holy foster father Joseph; gaze on the Holy Family in their early years; or on Mary the Mother of God, or selected saints and blessed ones. Kristyn is truly unique in finding a person…. a special person to convey the image of the saint to be depicted. And Kristyn adds an amazing ‘environment’ to share what it must have been like in the life and times of the saint.

Once again, you can find her work at  Please take the time to visit and see this truly remarkable and beautiful work.

We express our special thanks to Alicia Hernon, Catholic wife, mother, musician and singer for a previous guest visit to Catholic Vitamins – and for the use of her music, from her album BELOVED. You can find Alicia’s music at

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