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Our main guest interview for this show is Lynanne Lasota. To spend time with Lynanne is to know a woman who is filled with and recognizes the many gifts God has given to her. She has had a since-childhood love for the Eucharist and the Mass. She is a supporter of priests — she prays for and writes to many of them.

My relationship with Lynanne started when we met at the end of a Saturday evening Mass. She made some remark about seeing me as a deacon at the Mass — and we just knew we wanted to speak more. I hope your faith in enlivened by listening to Lynanne in this interview. She was gracious enough to give her email address in case anyone would like to reach out to her.

You can reach Lynanne at

During the interview, we talked about St. Louis de Montfort’s Way:

Total Consecration I hope you will read about this beautiful way of drawing closer to the Blessed Virgin Mary, and through her, to her Son. You can find more about this at this website:

We played two music selections from Dr. Russ Rentler’s album ROAD TO EMMAUS. Thank you Russ — thank you for your testimony. Thank you for your music. Thank you for your medical missionary work for the people of Haiti. Russ and his lovely bride describe themselves as Prodigals who left and then returned to the beauty and truth of the Catholic Church. The web address for the Rentlers is:

Special thanks to our regular contributors, Cheryl Dickow and Peggy Bowes. Cheryl provides a Catholic Vitamin each week but with a unique perspective as the vitamin has an orientation to Cheryl’s experience and her book, OUR JEWISH ROOTS – A Catholic Woman’s Guide to Fulfillment Today by Connecting with her past. The book is written by Cheryl and published by her company BEZALEL BOOKS.

Peggy Bowes contributes a Catholic Vitamin each week with an orientation to Peggy’s work in physical fitness. Her segment is called Fitness For Faith… and her wonderful book is THE ROSARY WORKOUT, and this book too is published by BEZALEL BOOKS.

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