Catholic Vitamin G Gladness

With a pro-adoption, pro-life infectious GLADNESS, we bring you this week’s guest MARY ANN KUHARSKI. Mary Ann Kuharski_ She’s a beautiful wife, also a mother of 13 children — and she’s helped adopt 8,700 pro-life billboards acress the U. S. in 46 states.  While it is a fact that the World Meeting of Families is concluded in Philadelphia, listening to this interview will remind that while there are ‘no perfect families’ — being pro-life and pro-family is a part of the joy of living God’s plans.

Do highway billboards change hearts and minds? An average of 250 phone calls are received each month. People wanting to know what to do with crisis pregnancy situations, people wanting to recover from abortion, folks wanting info on adoption, etc.

Want to know more? Go to  or call 800-366-7773. Feel like donating to this awesome ministry? Send a check to Pro Life Across America, PO Box 18669, Minneapolis, MN 55418.

Dan and Lucy with PopeSpecial thanks to our listener and friend of Catholic Vitamins — Dan Schlattman (and mom Lucy) for ‘posing’ as our Chief Washington, DC correspondents for Catholic Vitamins. It was fun to include portions of the on-site audio experiences they had while visiting to see the Holy Father in D. C.  Look at the crowd shot that Dan provided. It really shows how much joy and what expectation there was amidst the tens of thousands trying to see the Holy Father on his visit to the nation’s capitol.Dan's Pic of D. C. Crowds

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