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I think I may have misspoke during our podcast saying that I had attended four of the Baptism of the Spirit seminars. What I really attended was the Life In the Spirit seminars. Every year when I go to Franciscan University for the summer conference and retreat for priests, deacons and seminarians — one of the tracks they offer is the Life in the Spirit. At any rate, I’m convinced that Jesus has asked the Holy Spirit to anoint me with a growing appreciation for Scripture. This new love for God’s holy Word manifests itself in fresh insights into Scripture, a desire to spend more time with Scripture and a desire to share my enthusiasm with others. I truly believe God will similarly gift any who approach Him with a hungry heart.

Meanwhile — I thank our guest, Kelly Wahlquist from the Great Adventure Catholic Bible Study program originated by Jeff Cavins. Jeff, Kelly and other recognizable names are associated with this program. Depending upon your needs, your diocese or parish or other organization can have Kelly and her associates come to lead you into the excitement of God’s Word broken open and poured out among us.

About Our Guest Kelly Wahlquist and More

Thank you for your time and kindness this morning in our interview. It was very fun and I appreciate your excellent preparation! (Said like one addicted to organization.) I look forward to hearing the interview (when you send it) and also to linking and/or posting it for our Great Adventure fans!

Here are the links for the podcast and I look forward to hearing about the Social Media conference for evangelization. My title is below and will send my bio to anyone who wants to know more. Let me know if you need anything else.

Twitter: KellyWahlquist

Twitter: TheGr8Adventure

Facebook: The Great Adventure Bible Study



Kelly Wahlquist
Director of Community Relations
The Great Adventure Division


We also thank Justin Stroh, Catholic musician, humorist and speaker for giving us access to the MP3 version of his song, I LIKE BEING A CATHOLIC from his album The World Over. You can find loads of information and music by Justin if you go to:


During the podcast, Tom mentioned a book by Dr. Mary Healy entitled THE GOSPEL OF MARK, a Book of Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture. Its published by Baker Academic and it would be an ideal book for someone wanting to respond to Gods call for a new love of Catholic Vitamin G — the Gospels.

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