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Unknown-1Are you a caregiver? Do you struggle with never-ending needs to help, comfort or care for others? Our guest interview on this show is with noted author and speaker LARAINE BENNETT. We get to meet her personally, finding out about her youth and her growing up years. But more on point for this faith vitamin – we discuss Laraine’s new book A YEAR OF GRACE: 365 Reflections for Care Givers.

Laraine’s book comes from the experience of trying to help care for her mother who went from vibrancy of life, to a severely stroke-impacted invalid. Laraine writes and offers short, daily refreshment to help the weary caregiver. A chance to recharge and refresh the mind. You can find Laraine’s book at the Our Sunday Visitor book store web address which is:

You can also find a direct-connect to the book and to Laraine at this Facebook link:https: //


We played (just) one song on this show. But it was from a favorite guest from last year, Gretchen Harris. From her album SING OF MARY, we played Hail Mary, Gentle Woman. Dear, dear Gretchen, please come back on Catholic Vitamins as a guest again.


Blessings one and all.



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