Catholic Vitamin G Grace Revisited

Our most wonderful guest is DENISE BOSSERT – a lady who was a Protestant Pastor’s Kid (PK’s sometimes have a difficult journey in life). Denise was faithful to her call to love Jesus; she sought Baptism at a young age, and was told by the church that she was too young to profess her desire to be baptized. As she grew into her adult years, Denise read and studied and PRAYED… ¬†And in her reading, she discovered the Carmelite Saints — and their holiness and their way of love and faith led Denise to enter the Catholic Church.

Thereafter, she became a widely respected columnist, at one time writing for over 60 diocesan newspapers. She’s written books, been a featured speaker at conferences, and she’s done travel writing. Gosh – what a gifted lady. She credits her (sometimes tough) journey to the one-true=faith to GRACE. GRACE REVISITED

We’re pleased to re-introduce Denise to any who missed her on our show (back in 2013 I think it was) — she’s now found at

And we featured a couple music selections from a long-time friend of Catholic Vitamins: dear Danielle Rose. Visit her website:

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