Catholic Vitamin G: Gratitude

We shouldn’t toot our own horn. But no one is more surprised that we’ve made it to three years with our ministry effort we prayerfully decided to call CATHOLIC VITAMINS. Three years and 150 shows – with guests that have included bishops, priests, nuns, deacons, authors, musicians and singers and evangelists. WOW! We are so grateful.

And we couldn’t be any happier on this show to celebrate it all because we were able to connect with KATHERINE (KATE) VALENTINE.

If you love fiction with ‘heart,’ …. if you love stories that ‘pull you in and don’t let go until the end,’ …. if you hate to put a book down, we think you’ll love reading Kate Valentine’s books. She is our guest for Catholic Vitamin G for GRATITUDE. And Kate has much — so much to share about areas of great gratitude in her life. She recovered from a final curtain call — her own death expected at any hour. And then the Lord let Kate know that He had work for her. 

Her writing and speaking engagements are the fulfillment of that return from the brink of crossing over.

Take for example this ‘tease’ about her newest book:

      Sweet Dreams

“Emma Smith is married to the Vice President of a private bank. They have a son, a high school senior, about to enter an Ivy League college. They live in the most fashionable section of town and vacation to exotic places. To the outside world, the Smiths have everything.

Then tragedy strikes. Emma’s husband disappears with a large sum of the bank’s money along with the family’s savings. Within weeks, she and her son are stripped of everything and forced to live in the inner city projects. With no marketable skills, Emma feels alone, abandoned and without any hope for the future.

But God has other plans…

Sweet Dreams is the story of redemption, forgiveness and the power of faith to turn tragedies into triumphs and transform a broken life.” (Those words were borrowed from Kate’s website.)

Sound fascinating? It’a a book guaranteed to be a great summer ‘beach read’, a fall ‘visit to the cabin’ read, a winter ‘fireplace read.’ Kate is truly a new author for all seasons 🙂

And then, there’s Kate, the speaker who can come to your parish or chancery for book sales and talks on topics such as these:

The Gift

20 years ago, a cherished silver rosary, filled with prayers, was presented to a homeless lady and a lay ministry was begun. Katherine shares the heartwarming and touching stories of those who have been awakened to a Father’s love through the gift of a strand of beads while inviting others to join in a Mother’s outreach to a troubled world.

Faith Matters 

Katherine’s personal story of finding God in the difficult moments of life, a journey that began in with a Near Death Experience in 1981 and has been featured in books and on “Good Morning America”.

Katherine’s 30 year spiritual journey is a riveting tale of a God who is ever-present and ready to intervene on our behalf.  Through a powerful accounting of a life entrusted completely to God’s care during some of life’s most challenging moments–a life threatening illness, the tragic death of a 3 year old granddaughter, the loss of home and savings at a time when most couples are readying for retirement–audiences are both inspired and challenged as Katherine relates how God’s promise to ‘restore what the locust had taken’ resulted in a new career as an award winning author and a powerful new lay ministry.

Empowered Prayers for Troubled Times

The Word is your inheritance and how to claim it

Christians come fully equipped

Finding your way through the valley

Power of persistence

Dare to pray big prayers

Gifts of the Holy Spirit  (three part series)

Who is this third person of the Trinity?

How does He empower us for service?

His myriad roles and the gifts He brings

His transformational power

Faithful Stewards

The role of money as seen through a Biblical perspective

What are the ‘right’ reasons to seek prosperity

Our roles as stewards

Power of tithing

Reassessing our lifestyles

Tackling society’s greatest issues through God’s leading and wealth

You can find contact information and much more on Kate’s website:


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