Catholic Vitamin G: Growth

The 15th and 16th Sundays in Ordinary Time in our liturgical readings have to do with seeds and growing. Today’s podcast, and our special guest Mary Lou Rosien offer a chance to bring your family together in a united and common goal for improving your faith walk, your fervor and your goal to progress toward sainthood. Sound hard to do? Sound unrealistic? Listen to our interview with Mary Lou and listen to her infectious ‘can do’ attitude.  

Here are some of Mary Lou Rosien’s writing accomplishments. We start with her current book: Catholic Family Bootcamp; A 30 Day Devotional Workout, (Bezalel Books 2011).

Mary Lou has also written: Managing Stress with the Help of Your Catholic Faith, published by Our Sunday Visitor in 2006 (OSV Publishing, 2006)

Other writing efforts by Mary Lou Rosien have included:

Nov. Issue of My Daily Visitor, (OSV Publishing, 2007)

Guest writer for a chapter in Lisa Mladinich’s book, Be An Amazing Catechist: Inspire the Faith of Children

Mary Lou has been a columnist in so many other places that you may have seen her work on Faith and Family, Our Sunday Visitor website, Catholic Exchange, Take Out Magazine, Canticle Magazine, etc.

We borrowed some of the quotes about her Catholic Family Bootcamp book from her website located at:

What are they saying about CFBC?

“Are you looking for a book which will help your family increase in virtue?  Catholic Family Bootcamp is an ideal resource for assisting your family not only in reinforcing the spiritual virtues, but also in strengthening emotional bonds with your closest family members. ..This wonderful book is filled with Scripture, Catechism and saint’s quotes, true stories, activities and refreshingly honest admissions from the author that even as adults, parents have areas which need improvement.

The best thing about this book is that all the work has been done for you…it’s easy to follow and very user-friendly.”

Ellen Gable Hrkach Editor, Come My Beloved: Inspiring Stories of Catholic Courtship, author, “Emily’s Hope” (Honorable Mention 2006 IPPY Awards)

Author, “In Name Only” (Gold Medal winner 2010 IPPY Awards)

“To make it through boot camp in the military, you must work as a team and you must train hard.  The US military is the best in the world because it is built on teamwork that instills trust and on training that is repeated over and over until it’s instinctive.  Mary Lou clearly understands this concept because she devotes the very first day of her family boot camp to establishing a family team and choosing a name and mantra.  She also encourages families to train hard, not in military maneuvers, but in cultivating virtue which must be practiced over and over until it becomes instinctive.”

Peggy Bowes  Author of The Rosary Workout

On our podcast this week, we featured a short segment from the wonderful singer Alicia Hernon ( from her album BELOVED. We played Give Thanks to the Lord.


We featured a segment from Justin Stroh, Catholic speaker and musician. You can find him at

We closed the show with a song from our Canadian friend Deacon Chuck Stevens. We played Havest of Love. And you can find Chuck’s music at his website:

And thanks of course to Theresa Doyle Nelson for her contribution on saints. Find Theresa at 

Denise Bossert writes at her blog ( ) and she also speaks around the U. S. and her columns have appeared in over 40 diocesan newspapers.


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