Catholic Vitamin H Habits

Franciscan RetreatAn image of Our Lady of Guadalupe that ‘seeps’ oil? Consecrated Hosts which became ‘enfleshed’. Join us for this special edition of Catholic Vitamin H for HABITS. One of Deacon Tom’s regular habits is to go to Franciscan University — and Tom returned with three mini interviews. One of them with a wonderful priest, Fr. Mike who has been to the home of Little Audrey Santo. And that’s where the story and his experience shows that something holy appears to be giving message from that site. And the Vatican has asked the diocese to start work on the study of the life of Little Audrey for possible sainthood. Usually, it’s the diocese that begins and petitions Rome. Very unusual in this case.

We also have a mini interview with a young seminarian from Detroit — Miguel Perez. He’s studying to become a priest for the wonderful order Companions of the Cross. We’ve previously had a priest (Fr. Simon Lobo) of that order on as a guest — they are a Eucharistic order of priests oriented to Evangelization. Praise God.  

Finally, we enjoyed a few moments with UnknownCaroline Gambale-Dirkes – an on-fire evangelist and mother of four darling children. Caroline and husband Dan travel all over the U. S. giving youth retreats, parish retreats, missions, etc. You can find more about the couple and their work at

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