Catholic Vitamin H Habitual


Do you have any ‘successful’ and HABITUAL activities in your faith walk. For 14 years, one of Deacon Tom’s habits has been to attend a summertime conference at Franciscan University in Steubenville, Ohio. It’s always been the priest, deacon and seminarian conferences – but there are a number of other events during the summer. Consider going to Franciscan to learn apologetics, Scripture, teaching the Faith, etc. And about their summer youth conferences, they told Deacon Tom that Franciscan University will reach an estimated 60,000 young people this summer. Isn’t that awesome?

And so, we bring you a few memories and FRANCISCAN VOICES – a couple of the interviews captured while at Franciscan. And then, because Deacon and his wife, Dee were able to schedule it, we were also able to attend the Relevant Radio ELEVATE Conference. And so we share a bit of that experience as well.

Join us… and let us know if you have any meaningful habits that help your faith to grow, to mature.

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