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Several years ago, I attended the first ever (for me) Charismatic Prayer and Worship service. It was a monthly event sponsored by the Charismatic group of the Archdiocese of Denver. For a more traditional worshiper — the extemporaneous outpouring of prayer and testimony and upraised hands seemed a little much to me. But there was an authenticity and a spirit (and Spirit I might later add) that was palpable. A few years of participating with this group led me to the point where I was very comfortable about praise and worship and testimony and uplifting music. As I think John Paul II said something like this: So far, the Spirit only helps me to lift my hands a little ways — but I am encouraged. (Not the exact quote but sort of a paraphrase). That’s the way I felt.

Years and years go by — and I’m comfortable — really comfortable being around or reading about people that believe in laying on of hands, interceding for others, sometimes speaking in tongues, AND expecting that miracles and such can really happen.

When I began to hear about Fr. Stefan on the internet — I felt he was a special resource — a tool in the hands of God and serving the people of God. I learned that Fr. is involved in a healing ministry — one that started almost on the day of his ordination. When I heard that Fr. Stefan’s new book: MIRACLES — Healing for a Broken World had moved to the number one sales position BEFORE it was released, I found this was happening from book pre-orders and because Fr. Stefan is a powerful priest in service to Christ.

We have two copies of this book. One of them I treasure and will read and re-read. The other one we will make available to (one of the) listeners to Catholic Vitamins. Just email us ( or call our feedback number 206-350-3789. Type or say the word miracles and leave us enough information to get back in touch with you if we pull your entry. We’d love to send you a copy of this great book.

And so — our topic for Fr. Stefan’s visit to Catholic Vitamins is Healing (as he talked to me about and writes about in his book) and humor. Fr. Starzynski is a punster — sometimes of the worst order. He believes that joy and humor are a part of a healthy relationship with God. He preaches and teaches that God is still healing… still performing miracles.

Go to Our Sunday Visitor publications and order his book.
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You can find Fr. Stefan on Twitter at FatherStefan
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Other Credits

Our closing music is performed by Jon Sarta from Florida.

Jon Sarta  is a Pianist, Composer, Vocalist, and Recording Artist from Clermont, Florida in the greater Orlando area. Currently the Director of Music and Liturgy at Resurrection Catholic Church in Winter Garden, he has served in the music ministry as a Director and Associate Director of Music in the Catholic Church since 1991. He is best known for lively, inspirational interpretations with an influence of Blues, Gospel and Jazz Piano and having a unique ability to get congregations to fully participate in the celebration of the liturgy

You can find information and music information for Jon at:

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