Catholic Vitamin H Helpfulness

Our (return)guest is KATIE WARNER. She embodies HELPFULNESS — and she is joyful, energetic and on-fire for our wonderful Catholic Faith. In case Katie’s name is new to you, she is the daughter of Tom Peterson – founder of Virtue Media and the Catholics Come Home organization. Katie credits her mom for being a strong woman of faith, and she tells the story of how her dad came to a decision to turn his life over to Christ. The result of dad’s powerful change in Catholic practice has led an estimated 500,000 Catholics to return to the Faith. Praise be Jesus, now and forever.

And then, Katie shares with us the work of her own self-developed ministry of teaching and evangelization. Go to her website, and see the invitation to join with a like-minded community in faith, in developing a family ‘mission’ and exploring a raft of spiritual ¬†growth tools. Thirty minutes spent with Katie fill my ‘tank’ with a desire to practice the faith with renewed fervor and appreciation.

Our musical guest on this show is a talented songwriter and singer, GRETCHEN HARRIS. Gretchen came on our Catholic Vitamins show several years ago – she was named a ‘Female Vocalist of the Year with over seven CDs heard on Catholic and Christian radio stations throughout the U. S. and elsewhere. You can find her music and more about Gretchen at


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