Catholic Vitamin H Heroes

Meet one of the HEROES evangelizing others about our awesome Catholic Faith. She’s JOANNE FIELDS, an Urban Missionary for ST PAUL STREET EVANGELIZATION (SPSE). It’s a return visit for this rapidly growing organization, dedicated to sharing the good news of the Gospel and the Catholic Church. You may wonder are there really Catholic mobilized to share the Gospel? Tune in and listen to this interview. And the growth of SPSE will astound you.

At the beginning of our interview, Joanne shares about her ‘typical’ Catholic upbringing – typical in that like so many, she was raised to think of the faith in terms of ‘practice’ — things to do, prayers to be said, etc. But Joanne had a radical new conversion experience and it eventually led her to this work for SPSE. You can find SPSE at

Another hero recently joining Catholic Vitamins is Sandy G – an ALS/Lou Gehrig’s disease patient robbed of her ability to speak. But she is able to share with us using a computerized voice replacement device. And so, Sandy shares about Enough is Enough in this reflection. Thank you Sandy.


We are so grateful for the God-given talent and friendship of AUDREY ASSAD – she’s guested a couple times on Catholic Vitamins and we played her music throughout this episode. Find her at

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