Catholic Vitamin H Hope Revisited

Over ten years ago, our first Catholic Vitamin H was HOPE — and it featured author and speaker LISA HENDEY. It is not a ¬†coincidence that the founder of the million-view Catholic Mom website would give a strong book endorsement for the wonderful book we’re featuring on this show: HOPE UPON IMPACT: A Miraculous True Story of Faith & God’s Goodness written by JULIE OVERLEASE. And Julie is our special guest on this episode of HOPE REVISITED.

A terrible ‘freak’ accident brings down a massive tree branch on Evelyn, a sweet young girl and her dog Winston. Within seconds, her mom Julie lifts her severely damaged body – in particular her skull has been badly injured. Evelyn is bleeding, and her eyes are ‘not right.’ Death seemed just a short bit away in time. A frantic race to the hospital… and the first of the ‘God-winks’ show God is definitely in charge and will respond to prayers and intercession.

You can find Hope Upon Impact at most fine Catholic booksellers and of course at Amazon and any of the large book stores. We even saw it was available through Walmart.

During our show, we promoted the Fellowship of Catholic University Students (FOCUS) and asked for support for the organization… particularly for the group at the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley, CO. Make a donation to a great young ‘missionary’ – Miguel Mendoza. Go to ¬† ¬† Thank you

We also spent some time talking about the Franciscan University Discipleship Quad Program. It’s absolutely free and Deacon Tom and a group of men are doing it here in our community. More info? Go to

To listen to this episode of Catholic Vitamins, use this link:

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