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Do you (yet) know MARY MITCHELL? Mary MitchellShe’s featured on this week’s Catholic Vitamin H for HUMILITY. In addition to roles of wife (Philip) and mother (of three), Mary has a many-year reputation for writing features and hard-hitting news in the Chicago area. If there is anything ‘proud’ about Mary Mitchell — it’s how she loves to share her faith in various venues and new media activities.

Mary Mitchell  likes to mix the beauty and divine truth of our faith with gentle  humor. Her work has appeared in the Medjugorje Magazine and elsewhere. Mary writes each month for the NewEvangelizer’s blog, an you can find her most recent column and others at this web link:

We thank Mary for her witness and gentle invitation to those who have left the faith to come back and make the Church what Christ intended it to be. The music heard at the start and end of the interview was by Mary’s husband, Phil. You can find Phil’s music (Come To Me) at CD Baby.

Our feature interview with Mary Mitchell was done by 3 year CV veteran of Missionary Moments — MARIANNA BARTHOLOMEW. Marianna BartholomewFor this episode, Marianna takes over the job of interview journalist. She does a great job, and we’re so thankful for Marianna’s enduring support for Catholic Vitamins. Marianna is, as you may know, also a mother of three, and a former managing editor of Extension Magazine, Marianna has traveled the U. S. writing stoties of missionaries and mission territories. Marianna’s written work is now found on the Catholic News Agency, at the Catholic Mom website and she is also a writer for the New Evangelizers.

This show also brings another great and inspiring teaching from Scriptural Evangelista Sonja Corbitt. Sonja’s teachings, book info and CD’s are found at 




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