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Tom LeopoldRecognize comedian TOM LEOPOLD in this picture? He’s our guest and stands on the right, next to ‘best bud’ Paul Shaffer and another funny man, Martin Short. Now, we do take our wonderful Catholic Faith very seriously. But every once in a while, it’s nice to find some humor along the way. Take for instance this situation: Tom Leopold was born and raised a Jew — and in our show, he shares how he found and came to the Catholic Church. What leads to humor in this situation is that they did a ‘roast’ of Tom and they brought a Jewish Rabbi to do an ‘intervention’ on Tom to keep him from converting. This is a fun and tender Catholic Vitamins podcast. We hope you enjoy it — as well as a bit of unexpected and delightful  humor from our contributing correspondent, Scripture Evangelista SONJA CORBITT

Tom Leopold’s websit is found at  Get him to come to your parish for an evening of stories, tears and memories. Oh, and of course laughter. Tom is wonderful. We thank him so much for coming on our show.

We played some music from Mike Strickland. He wrote the now-almost-famous song SPREAD JOY. It wound up being played on the ABC Good Morning Show and of course Mike Strickland appears all over the country. We met him in Colorado some years ago and enjoyed a ‘private’ concert. His website is found

Sonja Corbitt is found at

JacksonAnd last but not least – this fellow, Jackson has been company all this week. He’s a loving soft-haired wheaton terrier. We’ll miss him as he goes back to his family (our daughter) down in Scottsdale, AZ.

Did you hear about the woman who signed up with eHarmony? She got ‘matched’ to Jesus and became a nun…..

Blessings all from Deacon Tom and Dee. Smile – you’re on Candid Vitamins !!

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