Catholic Vitamin I Extra: Innocence

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Well — the show associated with this blog posting was scheduled to happen by Thanksgiving evening. However, a corrupted file caused a situation I’ve never seen in the year and a half of working with my Mac computer. It caused Tom and Dee to head to Phoenix and a visit to the Apple store. They quickly scooted me into the wait at their service desk (since the drive was 95 miles to get to them) — and soon I had a helpful Apple ‘genius’ find the problem and rid it from our system. In retrospect, I probably should have been able to fix it myself — but I’d never seen anything like it in the year and a half of experience. Long story shortened — this is published almost on the schedule for our regular podcasts.

And what is this show? A short splash in podcast waters of fun: to experience a second visit with the Catholic Vitamin I of INNOCENCE. We contacted some friends and asked them to share words concerning innocence in their families. Internet and local friends sent us feedback — both in audio format and some emails. While doing some research for this Extra show — we found some clips from Kids Say the Darndest Things — the show that Art Linkletter did many years ago. It was always great fun and often quite touching.

Jesus our Savior had a special place in His heart for children. Jesus said unless we become like them, we won’t be able to enter Heaven. In what ways do we need to become like children? Innocence, or reclaimed innocence have got to be parts of the answer. And a child shall lead them.

Thanks to Sarah Reinhard from the Snoring Scholar blog, and to Michelle and Kerry from our parish and to Shelly Kelly for poetic readings from two in her family. Thanks to everyone for sharing tender or fun moments of innocence.

We’ll be back soon with our next show and a real Catholic Vitamin I. This vitamin starts with I, ends with N and has a total of eleven letters. Call our feedback line (206-350-3789) or email us at  with your guess.

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