Catholic Vitamin I: Idealism

Perhaps you are new to what they call the blogosphere. This world of new media. Perhaps you’ve heard the name Danielle Bean but haven’t found her blog, her magazine (Faith and Family), her books, her…. well her visit to Catholic Vitamins might just get you started.

Officially – Danielle is a Catholic, a wife, a mother of some good-sized brood (8 at last count), a home-school teacher, a writer, author and editor of that famous, fabulous Faith & Family magazine. I smiled when I looked at the Google ‘ABOUT’ page and saw the answer to the Gender thingy… it is answered Female. Look at the pictures of her – no doubt. She’s a femme fantastic and (we hope) a friend.

I’ve met Danielle once. It was in San Antonio in 2009, I think. There was a glow about her. A nice, warm, sincere smile. She was down to earth; she gladly joined in for pictures. (I think we have one of Danielle, DF and Catholic Mom Lisa Hendey and the Deke on our Catholic Vitamins website). It is likely the most often asked question of Danielle: How do you do it? It? Yes IT! Everything. And yet – it seems as if she has an infectious idealism about her. Please listen to this podcast and see if you agree.

Please don’t tell her, but on the show I called her the female version of Will Rogers. (Is that a good thing?) I meant that there probably isn’t anyone who doesn’t like Danielle. Listen to the show and find out why.

Her books include:

SMALL STEPS FOR CATHOLIC MOMS and a companion journal.

MOM TO MOM, DAY TO DAY: Advice and Support for Catholic Living


Danielle’s blog can be found at her website:

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