Catholic Vitamin I Ideas

Pope and Dcn FergalDeacon Lazarus Returns! Well, you get the IDEA… back from chronic bronchitis and a myriad of other interruptions and family visits and duties. In this podcast, we share a few IDEAS of what is working in our faith walk… and what is working in journalist MARIANNA BARTHOLOMEW‘s faith walk… And OBTW: Deacon FERGAL O’NEILL spiritually ‘hob-nobs’ with Pope Francis at a major Deacon’s event in Rome. We were able to reach brother Fergal and invite him to share with us about how he became a primary Deacon assisting Pope Francis at St. Peter’s Basilica.

AND… correspondent and missionary and musician JUSTIN STROH images-2was heading to Poland for WYD but he left us a reflection on Mary – the Bright Star… the Morning Star.



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