Catholic Vitamin I Identity

Some believe their identity comes from their family of origin. Some believe it’s based on those they spend the most time with. Most correctly our true IDENTITY is our Identity in Christ. As an example, our most special guest is SISTER MAGDALENA DURANT, OP – a member of the Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist. Have you heard some/much about this order? In 1997, John Cardinal O’Connor of New York established this Order of Women. By the grace of the Holy Spirit, this order of ‘teachers’ has experienced ‘explosive growth’ and is now found in many states and in other places in the world.

The website for this Dominican Order is:

On their site, you can meet postulants – those who have taken the first steps to respond to the invitation to join the order. You can ‘meet’ the sisters of the order and see what it’s like as they live out a joyous vocation. On this podcast, Sister Magdalena is an example of what it’s like to go from the ‘Who me? No, I don’t think so’ point of living in the world… to praying about it… and then going on a retreat to spend three days or so in prayer and discernment.

There’s a song which goes ‘Give me that old time religion….’ We’re reminded of the nuns of (some of) our younger years – but these sisters are the new generation of the New Evangelization.


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