Catholic Vitamin I IHS


This faith ‘vitamin’ is based upon the Latin words In Hoc Signo: IN THIS SIGN… Some recent Catholics have imagined another use of the IHS letters: IN HIS SERVICE. And that is what we are called to do… to be in the service of Christ and His Gospel.

Our special guest for this show is surely doing a work of Gospel love and mercy. She is KAITLYN CLARE MASON — co-founder of MARY GARDEN SHOWERS. What is this? It’s a way to ‘shower’ love and encouragement upon women who find themselves in a crisis pregnancy situation. What’s the form of encouragement? They celebrate with baby showers for mothers who choose to be a parent, but may lack the support of spouse, significant other or even her natural family of origin.

This growing ministry is active in multiple states, although Kaitlyn would love for you to consider starting this where you live. You can also be a part of the actual ‘shower’ for an expectant mom, even if the mom to be is in another city or state.

Thank you Kaitlyn for a loving heart. Thank you for demonstrating that women who have struggled with their own issues can still show concern and help for others. Kaitlyn is found at

Our special music ‘guest’ for this show is a long-time friend of Catholic Vitamins: MARGO B. SMITH.  She’s found, not surprisingly at

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