Catholic Vitamin I Imagination

Geri Desmond FamilyEver done something beyond your imagining? Our wonderful guest is GERI DESMOND. She’s a ‘not-so-ordinary’ Catholic wife, mother and breast-cancer survivor. BTW: She found out she had cancer from a dream!! Beyond her IMAGINATION, she (and daughter Shannon) walked 447 miles of the Camino Walk in Spain. Along the way: raising money for cancer research and praying rosaries for the overflowing intentions Geri and Shannie received from the States. The message from this show? Don’t limit the God you worship. He has plans that you (perhaps) would never imagine.

We also want to pause and honor our dear award-winning journalist Marianna Bartholomew. Her dad Joseph Francis Robin10563031_10152672007529416_4752668824465189672_n died on the feast of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel. He died while Marianna and members of the family held his hands and sang the Divine Mercy Chaplet to him. Listen to the beautiful Missionary Moment that Marianna shared with us.

You can read a loving testimony to Marianna’s parents in a Blog post she wrote entitled “Fifty Nine Things Mom and Dad Did Right.” It’s a great article aimed at family renewal.


Geri Desmond can be reached through this email address: 

You can also find her on Facebook and she would welcome the opportunity to come talk to your parish or your women’s group (or men’s group). Geri came to visit a number of us here in north central AZ. Her talk was tender, exciting, humorous and educational. She brought a continually revolving slideshow of pictures taken during her Camino Walk.

We played a portion of I CAN ONLY IMAGINE by the great group MERCY ME. You can find their music and much more on their website:

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