Catholic Vitamin I Imbue

Paralyzed? Unable to accomplish life? You would do well to be IMBUED with the spirit and can-do attitude of our return guest RENEE BONDI. Yes, this is a ‘best of’ show – but one that we really wanted to share again with our listeners… for those who didn’t happen to hear this story and our Catholic Vitamins sharing from 2010.

A freak bedroom accident led RENEE BONDI to the 4-limb paralysis and the term quadriplegic. That was the beginning of the journey that Renee Bondi set out upon rather than the normal and wonderful marriage she thought lay ahead of her. Barely able to breathe… unable to speak… Renee had to start all over in life. But to listen to her today is to give God thanks for the gifts of her faith witness and her gorgeous singing voice. She has a number of albums – our favorite is MERCIES IN DISGUISE

Renee can be reached at   Invite her to come speak (and certainly to sing) at your parish event or conference.

Our show also included a reflection by CHERYL DICKOW, the CEO and owner of Bezelel Books.  


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