Catholic Vitamin I: Immanence

Well once again, we’re a bit late getting our blog page out for the Catholic Vitamins show on Immanence. Immanence – the awareness, the practice, the appreciation of being in God’s presence at all times. Our friend and correspondent from Ireland is Fergal O’Neil, and he used as the closing of his reflection on Immanence the Prayer from the Breastplate of St. Patrick. It has words such as “Christ above me, Christ below me; Christ behind and in front of me; Christ in the mouth of everyone who speaks of me….” Isn’t that awesome? Living that life (hard as it is for us sinners) — living that life will lead us to profound changes in our life.

Our guest for this podcast is a friend of Dee and Tom. She’s Candy Marie Bridges. During our show, we discussed Candy’s new book (Meet Me In The Mountains) and Candy’s wonderful talents for calligraphy, custom framing, customized inspirational framed sayings and gift cards, etc. We add here a few examples of the work Candy does — and things we’ve been gifted with by Candy and her husband, Jim or work we’ve paid Candy to do for us. She’s awesome! 

From her blog, found at Candy shares these words:  My husband Jim and I live in the very small rural mountain town called Pine. Some of the tallest Ponderosa Pines surround us. We call our abode “A piece of heaven.”
 I was raised in Southern California  until 1981. At that time, my husband Mike and I got married and moved to Arizona.  We had three wonderful children, all grown up and on their own.  I moved to Pine in 2007. A year later, I remarried after being a widow for five years. My husband Jim and I run a retreat house called Breath of Life.  We accommodate quilters, scrap bookers and christian groups.
 In addition to running and care taking for the retreat house, I am a custom picture framer, calligraphy artist and now an author. 
My new book, Meet Me In The Mountains reflects the life of an ordinary woman, “me” who experiences unexpected and extraordinary circumstances. From the divorce of my parents at twelve years old, to the wrongful death of my husband after twenty – three years of marriage, I share with you how I overcome with faith, hope, love, and forgiveness.
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