Catholic Vitamin I Investing

Popular speaker and author BERT GHEZZI Bert Ghezzishares with us about INVESTING. Not financial investing. But in The POWER OF DAILY MASS — that’s the title of his newest book. It’s an easy, compelling read with lots of quotes from saints and holy ones — but also quotes from the daily Mass goers at Bert’s parish, St. Mary Magdalen at Altamonte Springs, FL.

Take the quote in Bert’s book from ‘Brandon V’ who says, “The greatest benefit of daily Mass has been the closeness I’ve felt to the Lord. It’s difficult to drift from him, spiritually or morally, when you unite with him each morning, body to body, soul to soul. Daily Mass has become an anchor in my life that keeps me from sailing off to a ‘distant country.’ (See Luke 15:13)”

Sonja CorbittSpecial thanks for another powerful teaching session from Scriptural Evangelista SONJA CORBITT as she continues to help us see our connection to our Jewish roots in the Catholic faith. You may already know from our frequent mentions, but Sonja and her work and CD’s and such can be found at


And special thanks to Margo B. Smith for songs from two of her albums. Margo is found at


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