Catholic Vitamin I Israel

Our salvation and redeemer came from this Holy Land: ISRAEL… and on today’s Catholic Vitamins, we present one of our ‘stories from down the pew’ segments: A parishioner shares some memories and feelings regarding visiting the land of the birth, ministry, death and resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Our guest is Fran Doering — he and his wonderful wife Sandy spent a couple weeks on a recent trip to many of the lands and territories that we hear about in most every Gospel story. Join us and put your imaginations to work — and perhaps be inspired to visit this land to which our Catholic faith is so connected.

Our prior show contributor DENISE BOSSERT has an Israel connection and you can find out more by contacting Denise at

Another Israel opportunity is that a prior guest, singer, composer and musician ANNA NUZZO is going to be involved in a lovely Christmas pilgrimage to the Holy Land. Anna will be singing seasonal songs in the land that was the home of Christ. Go to  and ask for more information.

Finally – a longtime friend CHERYL DICKOW is the president and CEO of BEZALEL BOOKS — and Cheryl has written about our Catholic ties and connections with the Jewish people and faith. Go to

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