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Marcus GrodiWe hit the JACKPOT in recent days — most recently — the gift of two visits with MARCUS GRODI from The Coming Home Network, Int’l.  This CV podcast introduces that Marcus has written a book LIFE FROM THE LAND: The Search For A Simpler Life In A Complex World, by Ignatius Press. But before we get into his book (our next show will take us into life with Marcus and his family on his farm) — this show will have Marcus telling us about his Lutheran baptism and early faith walk. Then his abandonment of religion and then his ‘born-again’ experience which brought him back, not to Catholicism, but to Protestant practice.

Becoming Catholic was the last thing in the world on Marcus’ mind when he decided to go to a talk given by a former seminary student colleague, Scott Hahn. That was the beginning of an exciting journey which led to Marcus and wife Marilyn entry into Catholicism. From there: time spent at Franciscan University…. a guest appearance on EWTN TV and the ultimate startup of tremendously popular Journey Home television series.

There’s a wealth of material — including access to the TV shows that Marcus has hosted with former Protestant and non-Christian people who’ve entered the fullness of the Catholic Faith. You can order books and CD’s and DVD’s. The entry point into all of these resources is:  

Ignatius books are available at most Catholic booksellers, at larger booksellers and through Amazon. You can go directly to the Ignatius product offerings at

Dee and Tom were able to visit the Coming Home Network Offices in Zanesville, OH. Here are a couple pictures taken during our recnt visit. (Thanks Wendy for hosting our time and for giving us the tour. 🙂  )

Coming Home Offices

Journey Home TV Set 1

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