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Well — in case you haven’t been over to visit/listen to this week’s Catholic Vitamins, let me share a few words about a delightful guest, Mary Beth Kremski. Mary Beth was recommended to us by Denise Bossert (who contributed a number of ‘vitamin’ reflections in the past few months. I had such respect for Denise that I was anxious to learn about and then speak with Mary Beth. 

If you are familiar with the Surprised by Truth series of books by Patrick Madrid, you can find Mary’s story in the second of the series. I read it and found her to be a real seeker of truth. She has an unquenchable thirst for God’s will in her life. And since her strong reversion back to Catholicism, Mary Beth has written articles that you can find on Facebook (e.g. Making Converts of Cradle Catholics), Catholic Answers, Conservative Colloquium, etc. She’s also appeared on the Journey Home program with Marcus Grodi on EWTN.

During our visit with Mary Beth, she mentioned the wonderful Sister Briege McKenna, author and speaker. I reminded MB and our listeners that we had a segment of a Franciscan University talk given by Sr. Briege – it was the story of her visit to the Oprah Winfrey television show. If you missed that episode of Catholic Vitamins, here’s the link:

You can listen right on your computer or gain another download from iTunes.


On this podcast, we featured two songs from a CD shared with us by Joe and Melissa Motola. Thanks for permission to use copyright material from Gentle Spirit’s Publishing Company. The two songs sung by Melissa Motola included UNCLE WILLIE THE BISHOP and YOUR BODY AND YOUR BLOOD.

Justin Stroh, the musician and public speaker came by with another New Evangelization Podcast segment. He’s getting ready to go to World Youth Day and you can follow him on  or on

We also played a song written and performed by Bryan Murdaugh. The song is related to the teaching on suffering by Mary Beth Kremski. Bryan’s song is WE NEED THE CROSS, and it’s from his album TWENTY NINE

We also give special thanks for the creative teachings brought to our listeners by Theresa Doyle Nelson. You can order Theresa’s books Saints of the Bible and More Saints of the Bible through a number of resellers. You can also order books at TDN’s website: 

Thanks to Mary Beth and to all of our contributors and friends of Catholic Vitamins.

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