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Meet Cheryl Dickow: CEO and Author of Our Jewish Roots – A Catholic Woman’s Guide to Fulfillment Today by Connecting With Her Past. Cheryl is definitely a great teacher — formed by many of her experiences through life. For example, in the interview she tells us of growing up in a mostly Jewish area of a Detroit suburb. She learned of the beauty and connections of Jewish practices found in our Catholic Faith. And what is nicer than a return visit with Cheryl is that she has agreed to join us weekly for a short OUR JEWISH ROOTS segment on Catholic Vitamins. So, we invite you to listen to today’s podcast — and then listen for a few moments with Cheryl each week on Catholic Vitamins.

As always — we hope we’re helping your faith and faith practice to grow. We sure would like to hear from you. And by the way – there is much more information about Cheryl and her work found on our blog page for this week. Just click the tab above.


Deacon Tom

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