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An unusual word? JOCUND means cheerful and lighthearted. Jocund describes the beautiful heart and spirit of Venerable Solanus Casey. Our guest is Fr. Larry Webber from the Solanus Casey Center in Detroit. Fr. Larry is co-vice postulator for the cause of sainthood being sought for the late Fr. Solanus.  One of my favorite thoughts and sayings of Fr. Solanus is to ‘thank God in advance’ – expecting that God will gladly hear of our prayer intentions and that we look for His loving response. Fr Solanus

Although he was quite intelligent, Fr. Solanus had a simple view of most matters of faith. For example: “Frequent Communion brings peace into a family and into the soul. It also fosters faith in God and heavenly relationships with all God’s dear ones in heaven.” There you go. One doesn’t need an advanced degree with that kind of faith practice. We hope you’ll look into… read or research the life of Venerable Solanus Casey and take up a devotion to him. As have many around the world.

Fr. Larry Webber can be reached through the website for Venerable Casey’s Center in Detroit. That address is  or you can phone Fr. Webber directly at 313-579-2100.

We played music sung by the St. Ann Catholic Church Folk Group and you can find their music in several places. Among them, go to

We also played a cut from Bob Rice’s newest album THE GOSPEL ACCORDION TO BOB RICE. Our selection was a lovely theme on the story of the life of St. Therese of Lisieux about being small… small like a flower in God’s garden. Enjoy. If you like what you’ve heard, Bob’s music and more about him is found at

St Philip Confirmat 072614Our Tucson Bishop, Gerald Kicanas came to visit and confirm young people in our parish this weekend. Here is a picture of Bishop Gerald with our pastor, Fr. Lucero and this was taken after confirmation and Mass.




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