Catholic Vitamin J Joy

Pat Gohn (Among Women Podcast) and Rachelle Balducci (Faith and Family Livecast and other venues) and a mix of 12 voices share with us today on what brings joy into their lives. We also had the joy of visiting with the talented composer and pianist Mike Strickland. In addition to his dozen or so best selling albums, Mike composed a song called SPREAD JOY – it’s a simple ditty which made it all the way to ABC’s Good Morning America. Please join us as we give thanks to Mike for being our guest on this episode.

Surely Jesus is THE cause of our joy… and surely our Catholic Faith is a source of joy. Those important points made – what is it that adds joy to the lives of those around our internet family? We asked some familiar voices and a few that we don’t hear from too often. And the answers range from pancakes on a Saturday morning to joyful and exciting pregnancy news.

We are filled with joy to share this podcast with you. Thanks to the many who participated and thanks to all of you who emailed and contacted us on facebook and other outlets for new media connectivity.

God we give Thee thanks for the many ways you bless us and share beauty with us. Help us to be more grateful as we journey through this life on our way to union with you where there will be eternal joy.

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