Catholic Vitamin J Judgment

Every human being must (MUST) prepare for Judgment. And one of the areas where we will be judged is with regard to our support for God-given life. From Conception till Natural Death.

Our guest on this episode of Catholic Vitamin J for JUDGMENT is JOHN HENRY WESTEN, the Co-founder and Editor in Chief of LIFESITE NEWS. This was a great interview as we traveled from John Henry’s almost total loss of faith as a young man, until he met with his dad to discuss whether ‘any of this stuff is true.’ Dad’s witness started John Henry’s journey back to real, on-fire Catholic Faith. And a strong, strong part of that journey was and is John-Henry’s commitment to the cause of life.

LifeSite News had over 100 million page views last year. Imagine the impact that faithful organization is having on those in support of life. And think of how challenged the culture of death is by the great work of LifeSite News.

We also featured a short interview with longtime friend and music artist Margo Bernadette Smith – Margo B. Smith as we talked about her new album GLORIFY The Lord With Me. And we have a give-away album from Margo for any listener whose name we draw. So send in a request to

Blessings from the Deacon and the Dee 🙂

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