Catholic Vitamin J Juggling

The lovely songbird Simonetta appropriately sings The Beauty That You Are while we feature the beautiful DEE FOX Dee Candidas our guest on this Catholic Vitamins Podcast. What in the world does Deacon Tom’s wife Dee have to do with JUGGLING? Well — Dee shares about spiritual escape from juggling all the things we find to do — and returning to the silence and the peace of an encounter with the LORD. Dee entered into POUSTINIA – a Russian word meaning desert. Poustinia is Servant of God Catherine Doherty’s Madonna House metaphor for the stillness and silence of communicating with God. Doherty’s book Poustinia has been translated into a dozen or more languages and has become a spiritual classic. Join us and let the lovely Dee share what it was like to enter into 24 hours of holy silence, with a bit of bread and water and tea.

Special thanks to Marianna BartholomewMarianna Bartholomew for a lovely Missionary Moment on St. John Bosco, the spiritual ‘juggler.’ And thanks to Marianna for introducing us some time ago to the composer and singer Simonetta. You can find Marianna at her blog website  and you can find Simonetta’s music on Amazon and  and

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