Catholic Vitamin J: Justice

In the podcast associated with this blog posting, we introduce you to a Director of Education and Outreach within the U. S. Conference of Catholic Bishop’s Office of Justice, Peace and Human Development. She is Susan Stevenot Sullivan who tells us that the formation of conscience is an important part of responding to the call to JUSTICE in faithful Catholics. “But wait,” you say, “I’m so busy — nothing else, please!” Susan sent us a number of links and opportunities to look at what she and many of her associates have worked on and with in the USCCB.

Among the opporunities to find out more about this important area of social teaching within the Church, please take time to explore some or all of these links.

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Find Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship resources:

Find information on religious liberty issues as they intersect with health insurance requirements at:

We also thank our Irish contributor Fergal O’Neill for suggesting this Vitamin and for his opening reflection on the topic. 

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