Catholic Vitamin J Journey Part 1

Fr Greg 1Meet Fr. Greg Bramlage — a priest heavily involved in the work of the Missionaries of the New Evangelization. Why this is so special is the Journey that Fr. Greg took from a ‘routine’ Catholic upbringing to completing seven shelves of reading and having an on-fire relationship with the Lord Jesus. Fr. Greg has traveled the world and in the U. S. is now giving parish retreats, conferences and formation and training sessions for priests. Fr. Greg tells us that the Missionaries of the New Evangelization is dedicated to the renewal of all God’s children, through proclamation of the Word, Baptism in the Spirit and prayers of an expectant faith. You can find more about this exciting work at

During the show, we started a book promotion for a give-away copy of Dawn Marie Roeder’s book IT DOESN’T END HERE. Dawn MarieDawn was a guest a couple years ago on Catholic Vitamins and she and her husband Robert visited with us in our home over a part of this weekend. Here’s a link to the show when Dawn Marie was our CV podcast guest:

We also featured music by the brilliant composer and singer Audrey Assad from her newest album Fortunate Fall. You can look at her music and schedule by going to

We also talked about Julie Carrick, a great singer and evangelist found at 


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