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As we said during our podcast, we are not a highly educated podcast. Our show is an effort to share the faith in an everyday and hopefully interesting manner. But this Catholic Vitamin is a little bit on the theological side: it’s Catholic Vitamin K for Kairos.

The term “Kairos” is used in theology to describe a qualitative aspect of time rather than the simple passing of time which is chronos. While chronos is quantitative — kairos is qualitative. And for purposes of this show, we consider that all of ‘our’ time is really God’s time — hence we are living in Kairos. And when things happen that we have waited for, hoped for, prayed for — when the results happen — we can give thanks for participating in God’s plans and timing.

The example of kairos that I gave during the podcast makes this easier to grasp. In the Eastern Orthodox and Eastern Catholic faith, before the Mass or liturgy begins, the deacon exclaims to the priest: “Kairos tou poiesai to Kyrio.” This means: It is time for the Lord to act — indicating that the liturgy is the intersection with Eternity.

Our guest for this show is Deborah Rentler, a woman who speaks lovingly and with great tenderness about living in… sometimes waiting on Kairos. How many young women tire of being the bridesmaid while waiting to become the bride? How many couples wait and grow old while waiting on children? How many wait for healing from an injury that restricts functionality? The answers to these questions are raised by listening to Deborah sharing about Kairos in her own life.

Deborah and her husband Russ live in Pennsylvania. Deborah is a career counselor at a college while Russ is a physician. Later in her life, after the couple went to Haiti — a place they’ve been more than a dozen times to give medical aid, Deborah became an LPN — a nurse. The website for Russ and Deborah is found at:

And Deborah has her own blog found at:
You can reach Deborah directly at:

Thank you Deborah for your wonderful sharing and visit to Catholic Vitamins. We look for the day, this side of eternity when Kairos will have the four of us together for a long visit.

And thanks to Dr. Russ Rentler for our closing song STAINED GLASS WINDOWS from his new album which he has shared with Catholic Vitamins. Thanks Russ for the beautiful songs of inspiration and love.

Please consider whether you might be able to support the mission work of Russ and Deborah. They take medicines and many other things with them to Haiti. Contact them to see what they could use.


Deacon Tom & Dee

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