Catholic Vitamin K Kerygma

Kathy DiFioreTwo guests on this show: Kathy DiFiore, the foundress of Several Sources shelters with 33 years experience protecting the unborn and a main inspiration for the movie GIMME SHELTER.


And our main interview guest is Fr. Simon Lobo,

Fr Simon Loboan on-fire, charismatic priest serving as chaplain at the Newman Center at Wayne State University in Detroit – he gives us the meaning and example of KERYGMA. At home. On campus. In life.


Merry Christmas. Happy New Year from Deacon Tom and Dee. Blessings.

To find out more about the shelter homes and the work of Kathy DiFiori, go to 

To look into the great new order of priests and to find out more about Fr. Simon Lobo – you can use any of these web addresses:

Music on the show:

We continued with another cut from the Making Music Praying Twice Dot Com website featuring their new Advent and Christmas album

We also had on our interview guest from last year, Miss Lori Line and we played a portion of Mary Had a Baby from Lori’s album Immanuel. You can find lots of Lori Line music at

We closed the show with a musical offering from our correspondent Justin Stroh,

Creator of the Stars of Night



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