Catholic Vitamin K Keystone

Fr Scott 2KEYSTONE: the central part at the summit — it locks the whole thing together. What or who would be your Keystone? For our guest, Fr. Scott Seethaler from Pittsburgh, it has been 50 years of serving Christ as a Capuchin priest. And to ‘cap it all off’ — he’s helped to build a hospital for the poorest of the poor in Southern Mexico. 1,000’s are helped each month — many are pregnant women who would have no prenatal care were it not for the hospital that Fr. Scott got under way. We advise that the volume level in our interview with Fr. is varied and often quite weak – a problem of going through an old switchboard. Listen close and if you’d like to find out more, here’s Father’s website address… maybe make a donation for his work or his hospital?

We opened the show with a promo from Mike Klett — he has his own podcast called Coffee With Mike. Give Mike a listen at

Music on this show included Deacon Chuck Stevens from Canada. You can find his music on iTunes, Jango, CDBaby and many other music service venues.

We also played music from an earlier interview guest on Catholic Vitamins. She is Alicia Hernon from Steubenville, OH.  Her album is called BELOVED and you can find her music on her website:

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