Catholic Vitamin K Kindness

Another Catholic Vitamin — this one is a challenge… well at least for this “Deke”. Perhaps for you as well if you shy away from those who aren’t lovable… those who are difficult to get along with. Please listen to our special guest Maureen O’Riordan from Philadelphia as she narrates some of the beautiful teachings of St. Therese of Lisieux — also known as the Little Flower.

The dictionary says that kindness is the state or quality of being kind; friendly feeling, liking. But even those who are bad may be kind to those in their family — so what good is that? Does this sound like it comes from Scripture? You bet it does. We are called to a a Christian life of kindness towards even the toughest to love. (And sad to say — we sometimes find them right inside the Catholic Church. Oh my goodness — read Story of a Soul — the autobiography of St. Therese.

Please listen to this podcast… and then ‘kindly’ let us know if you liked it… if it stretches you any… and if this call to kindness is something you, like Deacon Tom need to work on.

Blessings and thanks.

deacon tom and Dee

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