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Meet RUTH RISTOW. RuthBorn in the wilds of Alaska, she first felt the call to welcome God into her life as she looked at the beauty of His created KINGDOM. She kept looking, searching and then she found (Capital T) Truth as she painted murals, icons and early Church images. Now, Ruth works to manifest the Kingdom to others by doing art projects for the school where she works, and for other places. We’ll post some below this overview of this podcast.

Ruth says that she began researching the rich tradition of Catholic sacred art which led to a deep and radical conversion of faith. Surrounded by some 1,500 friends, students, teachers and others, Ruth entered the fullness of the Catholic Church in October of 2010. This sacred artist shared the other good news that is that she will be married in a few months. Ruth – you are a blessing to us and our listeners. And Ruth asks us (in her painting and iconic work: “Is it even possible for us to know what heaven looks like? Amazingly ‘yes.’ God gives us a glimpse in the book of Revelation using dreamlike images. As we look at these images, we can see that the celebration looks a lot like the Mass.

16 - Full Triptych Antiqued

Christ center throne copy





Thanks to Cheryl Dickow, President of Bezalel Books ( for the friendly plug for this show. Bezalel (meaning ‘in the shadow of God’ ) has some wonderful Catholic fiction and other genres of good, faithful books.

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