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KNEELING before the will of the Lord Jesus means sometimes stepping out of our comfort zone… or just being willing to try something new. ALPHA is an evangelization program. It is so inviting… so ‘layered’ that it appeals to those who have no faith… those who are wondering ‘Is This All There Is?’…. and surprisingly, ALPHA appeals to so-called Cradle Catholics …. those who have been ‘doing religion all their life.’

Our guest on this show is ANNE COOK — she’s from St. Joseph Parish in Marblehead, Ohio. She’s their program coordinator for ALPHA… and she’s led this effort in her parish four times. In fact, they’re getting ready to start another cycle in late September. This interview with Anne was never intended to be a ‘Catholic Vitamin.’ It was recorded to share with a small group in our parish circle to see if we might consider doing ALPHA. We’re not decided yet — but the interview with Anne is so great we decided to make it a vitamin for this podcast. Hopefully those who might hear this will be intrigued and follow up on this program which has been done in Catholic and non-Catholic churches over a thousand times.

Here’s one quote from Marblehead Parish: “Alpha was my chance to focus on my relationship with Jesus. Being a mom of young children, I am constantly focusing on their needs. This was my chance to deepen my friendship with Jesus, without distraction.” Heidi….

You can reach Anne at her email

Please respond to the call: Share Christ with others.

BTW: If you haven’t listened… this is our ANNIVERSARY — we’re entering our 10th year of Catholic Vitamins: Nourishing Faith From A to Z.

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