Catholic Vitamin K Knocking

A Pentecostal pastor named JOSHUA MANGELS senses a KNOCKING on the door of his heart. It was, of course Our Lord — asking Joshua to continue his studies of the early Christian Church. The Church that Josh thought he knew about already — he thought it was Pentecostal Holiness in origin and found it to really be Sacramental and very Catholic. Frightened? Nervous? If this continued, they’d have to give up his pastor’s position and move out of the parsonage. Josh and his wife were so concerned about what was beginning to become obvious to them, that they decided to ‘hide’ all of the ‘Catholic’ books and resources in the trunk of an old car in the garage. (Smile) — It didn’t last long and they continued to read and talk until Josh made outreach to a pro-life Catholic and said they wanted to meet with a priest.

If you’ve listened to Catholic Vitamins much or for any period of years — you know that this kind of story is the kind we love….  it nourishes faith from A to Z. And that’s what we’ve always been about. Thank you so much Josh Mangels for giving us the gift of your time and testimony.

One bit of music we played on this show was from friend BOB RICE, professor and music worship leader at Franciscan University. You can find his music and more at  

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