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Fr. CallowayLess than 24 hours after encountering MARY, as in the Blessed Virgin Mary, a young Donald Calloway set out to find a priest, and from there into the Catholic Faith. He set out to become a priest, having chosen the order that had the most references to MARY… as in the Marians of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary (M.I.C. for short).

Our interview splits time between his journey from drug and sex-addicted teen to conversion, and the second part of the interview is about Fr. Don’s wonderful new book: CHAMPIONS OF THE ROSARY… It’s awesome. It’s comprehensive. It’s what MARY would like her followers to know about prayer reaching out to her and to her Son. Fr. Don says they can’t keep up with sales — so hurry to get your copy. You can find all things you ever wanted to hear, know, read or see by visiting Fr. Don’s site: .

Thanks also to Anna Nuzzo for allowing us to play two of her Marian songs again on Catholic Vitamins. Visit Anna at

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