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Terry BarberMeet an on-fire lay person: he’s TERRY BARBER, founder of St. Joseph Communications and Lighthouse Catholic Media and more. He’s also on EWTN radio each weekday with Jesse Romero (another on-fire Catholic lay person). And on this episode of Catholic Vitamins – we explore Vitamin L for LAITY and open up Terry’s play-book. It’s actually his new book HOW TO SHARE YOUR FAITH WITH ANYONE – and it’s a great, easy read. Before getting into the how-to of sharing faith, Terry relates in his book about getting started back in the late 1970’s: an almost accidental meeting with Scripture Scholar and convert Scott Hahn… and with being given permission to share audio recordings of the late Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen.

We include a nice reflection on the role of the laity by our Irish correspondent Deacon Fergal O’Neill, and a brand new song from a brand new album by correspondent Justin Stroh. The album title and ‘cover song’ is EVERY MOMENT – an inspiring gift to all of us, for sure.

Terry Barber’s website is found at 

Justin Stroh can be found at

We closed the show with music by a friend and previous guest on Catholic Vitamins – she’s Alicia Hernon and we played a song from her album BELOVED – the song is YOU’RE THE ONE. Alicia can be found at 

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