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What (in the world) kind of a faith vitamin is LAMBENT? A product or people who are marked by demonstrating lightness or brilliance… especially of expression. And that describes one of the organizations that has been shining light along our faith path for more than 50 years. It’s Our Sunday Visitor — known mostly as OSV. Our guest is GRETCHEN CROWE — the Editorial Director for publications for the OSV organization. What a far-reaching job she has. We were blessed to gain access to her given her demanding schedule.

We spent a lot of our time talking about her wonderful recent book PRAYING THE ROSARY WITH ST. JOHN PAUL II. Throughout his papacy, Pope John Paul II ardently encouraged the faithful to return to the rosary. He described it as his favorite prayer.

And Gretchen has shared part of her journey.. and in the forward, she shares the intimate story of Swiss Guard Andreas Widmer – a man who was transformed in his faith walk by his intimate proximity to JPII during prayer.

And then, with beautiful pictures and words, Gretchen has crafted new ‘meditations’ to take into prayer for all of the mysteries of the rosary. This is a special book – a treasure to add to your faith walk… to add to your prayer times. Thank you Gretchen. Thank you OSV!! 

In this show, we also shared about the Franciscan University DISCIPLESHIP QUAD Program. You can find out more about this free resource for men or women to form intimate small groups. Go to



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