Catholic Vitamin L Lantern

A quote: “People are the gloves that God sometimes uses to touch others.” DEBBIE GEORGIANNI is a LANTERN for the path of those seeking clearer, more meaningful Catholic faith practice. An ‘almost’ golf-pro at Arizona State University – God’s grace on Debbie’s path led to her becoming a director of religious educator and a wonderful resource in the Diocese of Phoenix for many years. After getting an advanced degree, Debbie became a community resources person for the Immaculate Heart Radio Network – and she did this most effectively for five years.

Debbie is now co-hosting a very popular radio show on EWTN called TAKE 2 with Jerry Usher. Jerry is a long-time Catholic radio ‘shaper’ and host. Their show is heard each day on EWTN live (or you can of course sign up for podcasts) Monday through Friday from 12 Noon to 1PM Eastern (9AM to 10AM Pacific time).¬†Hosts Jerry and Debbie create a welcoming on-air environment so that their listeners feel comfortable sharing with one another their take on the most important issues of daily life. Catholics helping Catholics! As a peer-to-peer ministry, it’s social media for the ears!

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