Catholic Vitamin L Laughter

My first job was in an orange juice factory — but I got canned. I couldn’t concentrate! Next, I tried working in a muffler factor – but I found that too exhausting. YIKES. The Deke is loose. If you listen to this podcast, you’ll hear Dee agree that it was laughter that helped her to start paying attention to me. And after ALL THESE YEARS of marriage – she said she’s still laughing. But folks – it sounded like she meant it a different way than when we were young kids trying to fall in love.

We have some really serious problems in the world. We have Catholics who don’t know the faith they profess — in fact maybe even a majority. We have people led astray by the silver-tongues voices of lies and deception. But in and amongst all of what we could name as problems and worries — we have the sacraments. We have Jesus Christ, Himself each and every time we worthily receive Him in the Eucharist. We have His promises, and we have hope.

So let us not dwell on the negatives. Let’s show that we are happy by sharing laughter at appropriate times and places. And sometimes at unexpected times. Some unknown person said this: “Always remember to be happy because you never know who is falling in love with your smile.” I need to remember this. I want to be like those who radiate laughter and smiles. And I hope you do as well.

I think it was David Letterman who was speaking of the Holy Father’s visit to New York City some years ago. Letterman quipped: “You know he’s flying Virgin Atlantic don’t you?” Stupid? Yes, but it made me laugh.

What is it that makes you laugh? I’d like to know. So share it… and maybe a good clean joke too.


Deacon Tom

ps: Don’t forget to listen to our Father O’Doherty talks on our website. I’ve just added a new one on St. Paul, the great evangelizer. And Fr. always adds a bit of laughter to his talks. I hope you enjoy him as much as we do.

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