Catholic Vitamin L Launch

His mother prayed on her knees outside his bedroom door. That act of faith helped LAUNCH a new life for the man now known as Father Rob Galea. Have you heard of him? His FRG Ministry is a Catholic movement bringing the love of Jesus and a message of hope for people of all ages. But especially for young people throughout the world.

Father Rob has performed for literally tens of thousands in a variety of ministry venues: concerts, conferences, school outreach programs, music and books. You can find Father Rob on Youtube and many other social media outlets. One third of Father’s ministry is involved in traditional parish ministry with people at the happiest, saddest of loneliest times in their lives. Another third of his ministry is traveling throughout the world giving conferences and concerts. Finally, Father and his large group work on music and books. Go to to look at the various products and services available from this orthodox but ‘driven’ priest from Australia. I hope he comes to Arizona and other places here in the U. S. again this year. Thanks Fr. Rob for visiting with us on this Catholic Vitamins show.

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