Catholic Vitamin L Leadership

fergalOn this entrance into the holiest time of the year in our beautiful Catholic Church, we bring you two mini-interviews — examples of LEADERSHIP. Our first interview is with our correspondent from Ireland, Deacon Fergal O’Neil. He’s one and a half years into his role as a deacon, and he is in love with the diaconate. And he’s doing wonderful work helping to support 3 parishes covering a total of 4 churches. Thank you Fergal for all you’ve been to give great dignity to the servant leadership of your diocese.

Our second interview is with Lisa Blevins, Director of the Tempe, Arizona 40 Days For Life program which is just ending here in our  state. Look at the turnout photo Lisa sent to us including a great gathering of Life Teen youth. Praise God for this and all demonstrations in support of what Mother Teresa referred to as ‘peace in the womb.’ Whereever you are around our land (and elsewhere), if you want to stay in touch with what Lisa and 40 Days for Life are doing in Tempe, send an email request to  40 DFL Tempe Closing

We take Holy Week and Easter Week off to recharge our batteries. We look forward to the next show: Vitamin M _ _ _ _ _ _ E  Send your guesses to


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