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Our special guest this weekend is Judy Zarick from American Catholic Radio. She is a personality in her own right – but on the segment that she produces and hosts (LIVING FAITH), Judy helps thousands of us to ‘meet’ people who are living out their faith in new, unusual or saintly ways – some against all odds. Far from being recognizable heroes, most of Judy’s segment guests are ordinary folks doing mostly extraordinary things. 

Judy never lets the spotlight shine on her – but it ought to because she does such a wonderful job of making our faith come to life. Her new book is called MOVED BY FAITH, and it is, may I say, a ‘first volume’ culled from the many guests who have visited on American Catholic Radio. I believe there are 39 stories in this book and there are study guide questions which make this book ideal for book club or mother’s group or men’s study efforts.

ACR is heard on approximately 80-some radio stations, Sirius XM satellite radio and at their Franciscan Media website. In fact, Deacon Tom and Dee have been podcast subscribers to ACR for years and years.

Judy speaks with Tom on this show about how her segment works on ACR and about some of the stories that she has found especially touching or powerful. We thank Judy and St. Anthony Messenger Press for the gift of MOVED BY FAITH — and we will run a book give-away for the next couple weeks. If you’d like to put your name into one of Dee’s wicker baskets  — send us an email to  or call our feedback number at 206-350-3789 and leave your name and phone number. We’ll put your name into the basket and in a few week’s we’ll draw a winner.

You can reach Judy Z with any story ideas or to share your thoughts about her work on ACR. Judy’s email is

And you can find all about the Franciscans and meet the ACR staff by going to their website:

Thanks again Judy. It was pure gift to spend time with you on this week’s show.


I just get a smile in my heart when I work with Marianna Bartholomew. She is such a smiling, pro-faith, pro-mission fields sort of person. And you know, she was a writer and editor for Catholic EXTENSION Magazine for years and years she’s a poet and who knows what all? 

But little did we know before this episode that she used to be a Community Service Officer — I’m told she may have been John Wayne’s grand-daughter but that probably is someone pulling my leg 🙂 Here’s a picture of Marianna when she used to terrify the criminal element in a Chicago suburb a few years back.


We played two pieces from a wonderful composer, pianist and vocalist. His name is Jon Sarta and I’d really like to get him on our show some time. From his bio:

Jon Sarta  is a Pianist, Composer, Vocalist, and Recording Artist from Clermont, Florida in the greater Orlando area. Currently the Director of Music and Liturgy at Resurrection Catholic Church in Winter Garden, he has served in the music ministry as a Director and Associate Director of Music in the Catholic Church since 1991. He is best known for lively, inspirational interpretations with an influence of Blues, Gospel and Jazz Piano and having a unique ability to get congregations to fully participate in the celebration of the liturgy.

You can find his music and more about Jon on his website:   Oh, and by the way – if you like Boogie Woogie and Blues – you’ve got to try some of his music at home 🙂

Thank you Jon for sending us some cuts of your great music.

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